Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life as I know it

So I haven't been in a "blogging" kind of mood lately. Not sure why exactly. Since I last blogged, I went to Dallas for ACFW conference (very fun!) and to Mobile for work (also very fun, and nice to see the Gulf again). It's funny--I never would've thought that when I started working from home, it would actually mean I would be busier than when I did the 8-5 office thing.

I am finally making progress on my book! But first, I spent a lot of time clearing out some space and bought a very fun bright yellow desk. I think just having a designated workspace has helped me tremendously.

Right now I am working on some of the details of the long synopsis and it's actually going really well. I love my heroine and the hero is growing on me. I changed his name yesterday though and am now even happier with him.

I'm finding that I'm addicted to Facebook. Most of my really good friends from college have recently gotten on there, and we are all having the best time re-connecting. It's sort of changed the way I e-mail--now most of the time, we just post on walls or send a private message.

Here are a list of a few other thoughts that I've had these past "no time to blog" weeks:

1. Britney Spears--bless her heart. Not that I'm a fan or anything, and I certainly don't support her decisions. But I can't help but feel a little sorry for her. Hopefully if she and her mom can really reconcile, it will make a positive difference.

2. The new season of Dancing With the Stars! I was so sad last week to see Albert Reed have to leave. I thought he was very cute and a pretty good dancer. So now I am pulling for Jennie Garth (yes, I was a 90210 fan back in the day), Cameron Mathison, and Helio the race car guy.

3. New season of Grey's Anatomy--I'm hanging in there with it. I miss Addison being there although I like her spin off okay. I also miss Dr. Burke. And I don't like where they are going with Meridith and McDreamy OR George and Izzy. But hopefully it will get better...

I think that's enough pop culture for one day!

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Anonymous said...

You may be the princess of patience, but I'm NOT! So blog already. :)


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