Why Princess of Patience?

I confess...when I named this blog, I had no idea that anyone would ever actually read it. In fact, it was before I'd ever even submitted anything for possible publication, so I definitely didn't think I'd wind up a "real" author.

But I left the title, even after I became published. Why?

It's a good reminder for me. No, I don't think I'm a princess. (although I was Little Miss Cotton in 1983 and I also have a fondness for tiaras)

Patience isn't always my strong point. I try though. I'm often reminding myself that God's plans are bigger than my own--even if that means waiting (patiently) to see what He has in store.

So I'm leaving my blog titled "Princess of Patience" because that's exactly what I aspire to be.

Incidentally, if when you hear the word "patience" you immediately think of Axl Rose, we should totally be friends...

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Anonymous said...

I guess we cannot be friends, because I had to look Axl Rose up on the Internet to find out who that is. LOL I really do hope we can be friends anyway. I did think of Jesus when you said, "Patience", so we have that in common.

Susan Manchester
Jacksonville, FL


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