Monday, September 3, 2007

Time Keeps on Ticking...

Well, the time certainly seems to fly by, doesn't it? I had all these grand plans of having both of my manuscripts finished by the time ACFW conference rolls around, but it seems that might not happen.

Okay, not just that it might not happen, it won't happen! But I am working on finishing my cozy mystery and am also preparing to pitch my chick-lit work in progress to an editor at the conference in 2 weeks.

I'm feeling pretty good about it actually. Of course, in 2 weeks, I might not feel the same! I talked to a friend last week who had pitched something last year at RWA and she thought she had it memorized, but forgot it once she got in front of the editor. That is my fear!! Thanks to her advice, I am definitely going to take a cheat sheet with me to my editor appointments. Just in case I lose my train of thought.

And in other news, I am trying to decide what to wear to the awards banquet. Am torn between my favorite formal that I never get the chance to wear, and something a little more casual.

I'm leaning toward my formal, just because I love to get all dressed up, and let's face it--there aren't many opportunities to do that.

Of course, what I should REALLY be focusing on is my manuscript. But my philosophy (or excuse, depending on how you look at it) is that if I look good, I'll feel good, and if I feel good, I'll do a better job pitching my work. So really, it's all about the clothes! Ha!

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