Monday, August 20, 2012

Memphis Moments Series News

So last week was Elvis Week in Memphis--always a fun time. For the third year in a row, I ran in the Elvis Week 5K. The race starts and ends at the gates of Graceland. Such fun!

Me, after the race.
Some of you may know that I've written 2 books in what I call the "Memphis Moments" series. The first one, All Shook Up, released earlier in the year. Unless you are a member of the Harlequin Heartsong Presents Book Club, finding a copy has been VERY DIFFICULT. The next book in the series, Can't Help Falling In Love, released a couple of weeks ago. Again...if you aren't a member of the book club, you haven't had the opportunity to purchase a copy. 

I finally have the information on how you can get a copy of your own!! You can call Harlequin Reader Services at  1-800-873-8635 and tell them the name of the titles you'd like to purchase.

I happen to think these 2 books are worth the please call and order your copy ASAP! Here are the covers and blurbs:

All Shook Up: Suzanne Simpson's life seemed perfect--nothing tied her down. A rental home with a yard for her dog, a job at Graceland she could leave at a moment's notice, and a long-distance boyfriend she could turn away without regret. It was exactly what she wanted: no commitments whatsoever.

Until Nick Taggart came along. Suddenly the "safe" guy who wanted no commitments either was the very one she couldn't lot go. But when his past holds him back, she must face her own hurt to discover the life and love she never knew she needed.

Can't Help Falling in Love: For the past few years, Emily Madden has devoted her life to her work as a nurse at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital--partly as a way to lessen her grief over losing her sister to childhood cancer. Love isn't on her agenda. But after she meets Andrew Beckett, the uncle of her favorite patient, she's surprised by how much she enjoys his company.

Andrew isn't in Tennessee for love. He's there to help his niece fight a hard battle against the cancer raging through her. Then he meets Emily and can't seem to keep from thinking of her.

As Emily and Andrew's friendship grows into something more, can they find the courage to face what holds them back? Will Andrew be able to forgive himself for a past tragedy and accept forgiveness and love? And will Emily allow herself to let go of a long-held quest to fulfill her sister's dreams and chase the dreams of her own heart?

Now for the fun! Since it has been so difficult to find copies of these books, I'll give away 3 sets of books! Here's how to enter:

Tell me the most exciting/fun/interesting/happy thing you did this summer! Leave your comment and your email address anytime between now and midnight Thursday, August 23. I'll draw for winners and mail books on Friday!


Anonymous said...

My husband and I went to Florida in May and were able to go to the movies for the first time together:) Most places the handicapped seating is front row. My email address is

Ruth Toy said...

My husband surprised me with a weekend "staycation"! He told me to meet him at work when he took lunch and he had packed a bag for us to stay at a hotel for the evening!! He got me a gift card to my favorite restaurant and then he took me mini golfing. As soon as we got out to play there was a huge rain storm but we played in the rain! It was sooo much fun! My email is

Kiersten said...

So... Here's why this summer was beyond the most amazing summer ever.

After months of planning a mission trip with my youth group we were so ready to head out of state for an amazing adventure. Until the company called canceling the trip due to lack of interest. We were so frustrated. Now what would we do?

Then we found Camp Blessing Texas... Man. What a place.

Instead of a mission trip we stayed in state and volunteered a week at a special needs camp run by the most amazing staff ever. Every kid is able to participate in everything. Swimming, archery, skylines... it's amazing. Seeing these kids faces light up with things they'd never usually be able to do will forever change me.

But more than that, seeing these kids worship the Lord with all of themselves touched me. Knowing I'd probably be throwing myself a pity party if I couldn't walk, and seeing those same kids praise God in gratefulness, how can you beat that? Seriously? You can't. It isn't possible.

Those kids taught me so much this summer. I've been forever changed by one week in the middle of nowhere, and I'm eternally grateful.

--Kiersten, Texas
Oh, my email!


Crystal said...

The most exciting thing I've done this summer is beat cancer and I've now begun to raise awareness and volunteer with some awesome groups in my area. I'm also using my story as part if my testimony to bring others to Christ. Yes it's been a difficult summer but I give all the glory to God who has given me more than I am worthy. I also got a new puppy who had brought my life a lot of JOY!! :)

Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

I guess mine would fall under interesting. I spent my summer (actually longer than that) being a part of a rare experiment. Through s "perfect storm of horrible events", my kitten lost blood circulation in both her front legs. My doctors could not fix her. 2 days before the scheduled euthinasia, a doctor at a different practice offered his services. He has a laser machine that is used by Olympic runners and with A LOT of treatments, he was able to restore blood circulation. Fortunately, he only had to amputate both front paws. My kitten spent 6 months in bandages (that she was allergic to...we could not catch a break) while the dead skin and tissue fell off and new stuff grew. She had 2 surgeries, spents weeks in the hospital, had lasar treatments twice a week, has to wear a plastic e-collar for 3 months, etc. It was really tough on her and me. I left my job to take care of her.

Now, she amazes me everyday. She is all healed up. She is one of a few cats who have a double front amputation (when I did my research, I found only 1 other). She walks like a t-rex. She stands like she's about to draw guns in an old western. She runs and plays just like a regular kitten. I have found her up high in the most unusual places, amazed and curious as to how she got up there. She is not letting her disadvantage intterupt her life. She gets angry at me if I try to help her.

After all the pain, tears, sacrifices and work it took, I would not change a second because she is alive and probably better or more fun than she was when she had her legs. She has adapted fast and has not let this change her attitude. She is still my spunky baby girl. :-D Find me on FaceBook for pictures. Email me at

Shelia Hall said...

I did a workcamp to help some homeowners who could do repairs around thier homes & a VBS for a small church in lower MS

Becky W said...

The most exciting thing I did this summer was see my 8 year old son and his baseball team play in the State Tournament!! LOVE seeing them play!

The books sound great!

Shelly said...

The most exciting thing I did this summer was travel to visit family. My baby girl finally got to meet her aunts and uncle and cousins (she is 19 months old) for the first time. Looking forward to reading your books! I am not a part of the Harlequin club so I'd love to be able to read them.

donnyandshelly at yahoo dot com

Jill said...

This summer I read A Wedding to Remember in Charleston, South Carolina. It was amazing. I went to the beach with may family and carried Rainbows End with me.

Jill Smith

Katie ST. said...

The most fun thing I did this summer was take my husband and son over to a friend's house,(a friend I hadn't seen in years) and go horseback riding with my 2 year old and hubbie. It was so much fun. Then we had pizza with the family afterwards.

Email is

Sherra T said...

My husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage in California - Carmel-by-the-Sea, Big Sur, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe! We had much fun, enjoyed delicious food, and saw some beautiful scenery!

Annalisa Daughety said...

Holley--that's awesome! Glad you and your husband enjoyed the trip!

Ruth--How fun--and thoughtful of your husband! Glad y'all enjoyed it!

Kiersten--That sounds amazing! I love stories like that--where something unexpected turns out to be such a huge blessing. Sounds like an awesome experience!

Crystal--Wow! I'm so happy to hear this news. And how awesome that you are able to use your own experience to help others. And yay for puppies! :)

Stephanie--Sounds like quite a kitten! Our pets definitely become like family members, don't they? I'm glad to hear things are going well as she recovers.

Shelia--those kinds of camps are so fun! It's always so fulfilling to know that what you are doing is really helping someone in need.

Becky--as you know, I'm also a "sports" girl, so I know that must have been such a fun experience for y'all!

Shelly--that sounds like fun! Family get togethers are the best!

Jill--Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the books--and the beach sounds fun too!

Katie--nothing better than catching up with old friends! That sounds like a great time!

Sherra--congratulations on 25 years! And that trip sounds amazing!

Meagan Davenport said...

How much fun is this! :)

The most exciting thing I did this summer was a cruise up to Alaska. I've lived in Seattle my entire life (all almost 30 years of it) and had never been up there. It's beautiful! Took WAY too many pictures but had a blast and am loving scrapbooking them. :)

Meagan Davenport said...

... oh, and my email! meagan at firebin dot net.


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