Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010...I Barely Knew You

Is it just me, or does time seem to be going faster than it used to? I can't believe it is already 2011!

The past year has been full of some very good and very bad moments. I guess every year is that way, but this one has been more so than normal for me.

First the bad:

My family dealt with some tough losses this year. My grandparents each lost a sibling, and then in August, my grandfather was killed in an accident. There is a hole in my family that will never be filled, so the months since August have been ones of adjustment. Christmas was hard--even with 28 people in attendance, their house still seemed empty somehow.

But there were some good times, too. A few of my highlights from 2010 include:

1. Traveling to St. Louis, Indianapolis, Lancaster, Gettysburg, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Although each trip was for work (research or conferences) I still managed to squeeze in some play time as well. :)

2. I had 2 books release in 2010--Love is Monumental and Love is Grand.

3. Speaking in chapel during Homecoming at Freed-Hardeman University was such an honor. Definitely on my highlight reel of the year.

4. I completed 4 5Ks in 2010, and although I ran each of them fairly slowly, I'm still happy to have finished!

5. In 2010, I had some really fun times with my friends and family. Some of the highlights: concerts (Miranda Lambert and Sugarland); shows at the Orpheum (Jersey Boys, Chicago, South Pacific, and Wicked); and lots of laughter and get togethers. 

But enough reflecting...I guess it's time now to make some plans for 2011!

Hopefully these goals aren't too lofty:

1. Complete a proposal for a new series I've been pondering. And actually send it in. :)

2. In addition to running in several 5Ks in 2011, I REALLY plan on training to run in the St. Jude Half Marathon. I have almost a year to get ready for it.

3. In 2011, I want to go on a non-research related vacation. The kind where I get to read, shop, eat, and hopefully have my toes in the sand.

4. I need to update my website/blog. I've had this on my list forever. When I say "update" I don't just mean add a few pages. I mean re-design.

5. And even though I could go on and on about my goals and plans for 2011, I'll stop with this one...In 2011, I want to get rid of stuff. I mean really, really simplify. And I am a pack rat. I have collected a LOT over my 34 years on earth. This will be a big project, but one I am determined to finally tackle.

How about you? What was your highlight of 2010? Or your biggest goal for 2011?

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