Monday, August 2, 2010

Becoming a Runner

I'm one of those people--you know the type--who tends to run from conflict. When there are tough things that need to be dealt with, I'd rather ignore them in hopes that they'll go away. In other words, I internalize everything.

This can cause problems sometimes. :)

A few years ago, everyone in my workplace had to take personality tests to find out how we related to one another. My type was "most likely to go postal" because we let things build up and didn't tell people when things bothered us. (don't worry...I don't really think I'm going to be going postal anytime soon!)

But these days, I'm doing a different kind of running. The actual put-on-my-running-shoes-and-go kind of running. And I have a love/hate relationship with it.

I'm about to start my fifth week of training in the couch to 5K program. If it weren't for this program--and the get running iPhone app that I'm using, there is no way I'd have made it this far.

There are days when it is really hard. All I can think about is stopping. But I don't. I keep going, because I know how good it feels when I'm done. There is a very honest kind of satisfaction that comes from completing the training runs.

The 5K I'm training for is coming up in September...but I'm actually going to run in one just for fun in 2 weeks. The Elvis Presley Run, Walk, Rock & Roll that starts and ends at the gates of Graceland. Ha ha! Even if I end up walking more than I run in that one, it's okay. I've heard that some people dress up like Elvis for the race--that's reason enough for me to run--just to see a bunch of Elvis lookalikes running around. Perhaps I can work that into a book somehow...


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Kristen said...

I've seriously been thinking about doing the Couch to 5K program, too. Good for you!! Have you looked at Betsy Hesselrode's running blog?

Annalisa Daughety said...

Kristen, I highly suggest it! And if you have an iPhone, the Get Running app is awesome! I don't think I could do it otherwise. I'll have to check out Betsy's blog!

Anonymous said...

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Jess said...

Just found your blog after reading A Wedding Date in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I started running myself in May 2012. I was using the couch to 5k at the beginning of the year but has really bad shin splints, so I gave up and restarted in May with a running program my trainer friend helped me with. Now I run regularly and yes, some days it's SO hard to get out of bed, but I always feel better once I've done!

Good on you for running and training for a 5k event, they are worth it!


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