Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Giving Away a Copy of Love is a Battlefield!

The Battle of Shiloh took place on April 6-7, 1862. In honor of the 148th anniversary of the battle, I'm giving away a copy of Love is a Battlefield! As most of you know, Love is a Battlefield is set at Shiloh National Military Park and was inspired by the time I spent as a ranger at Shiloh.

If you've never visited Shiloh National Military Park, this weekend would be a great time to visit! There will be living history demonstrations all weekend, which are always really interesting to see. Visit their website for more information.

If you haven't had the chance to read Love is a Battlefield or you have a friend who you think would like a copy, answer the following question between now and midnight Friday for the chance to win a copy:

If you could visit any National Park this summer, which one would it be?

As for me--I can narrow it down to three! If I could visit any National Park this summer, it would be either Yellowstone, Gettysburg, or Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty.

Can't wait to hear where you'd like to visit! Just leave your answer in the comments and I'll randomly select a winner on Saturday!


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Please don't enter me I already have a copy and I got a copy for my cousin! I have to say that if I could visit any national park it would definitely be Gettysburg! I was lucky enough to visit in 9th grade but haven't been back since they "renovated." I only got to spend a day there so I would definitely like to go when I could spend more time! I love the history of the Civil War and since I live in PA I think it would be fun to experience more of the state!

XOXO~ Renee

katlyn.mitchell said...

I want to see the National Redwood Forest in California. I would like to just go through all the big trees and be amazed at their size. I also want to go to florida to see the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win a copy of your book!

Julie J. said...

I would love to go to Gettysburg or any over "war type" place!

This is a great giveaway!




Lydia M. said...

I've only been to Yellowstone once years ago, and would like to see it again.

Please enter me into the contest.


Sylvia M. said...

Oh, I would say Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty. I went there eighteen years ago when I was about eleven years old. Ellis Island creeped me out then. Hopefully, at my age now I wouldn't be so frightened and would just enjoy the history of the place.


SoldiersLove said...

That is a hard one.. We love to travel and see new places. A plus to the military life! :) However, I love the Grand Canyon! What a wonderful view and proof of how creative God is! :) Just breathtaking!

I would also like to see the Golden Gate in CA.

Please enter me into the contest. :)

Sandy said...

Probably Yellowstone if I could choose anywhere!! I will be heading to Shiloh soon though to see the Eagles that have hatched there.

Kathy Eberly said...

I would absolutely love to go to Ellis Island as well as Gettysburg. I also would love to see the Grand Canyon. I would enjoy reading your new book!

Audry said...

I would go to Redwood National Forest. There are lots I'd love to visit, but I've been wanting to see that one forever...

shrimpette at gmail dot com

JENNIFER said...

In 8th grade I got to go on a week trip to Yosemite with my class. I LOVED it and for years I've wanted to go back there and visit it as an adult. So that would have to be my first choice.

Jolanthe said...

I would love to go to Yellowstone, but thinking about that drive with 4 young kids right now makes me inwardly wince. :)


Would love a chance to win your book.

Alli said...

If i could visit any National Park this summer, I think I would fly out to Washington and see either Olympic National Park or San Jaun Island National Historic Park. Beautiful.


Lourdes said...

I think I would love to visit the Grand Canyon. I've heard so much about it I would like to see it for myself.


Michelle V said...

Mine would be the Great Smokey Mountains National Park! I would love to win a copy of the book. Please enter me!

Michelle V

Kaye Dacus said...

In July, I'm going to get to go see where it all started ... Fort Moultrie in Charleston (only because it's more easily accessible than Fort Sumter).

No need to enter me...obviously, I already have the book ;-)

Angie said...

That's a tough question but I think I can say I would either love to go back to The Smokey Mountains or go see the Grand Canyon.

sundaisy920 at gmail dot com

Sylvia M. said...

You had better remove my name from this drawing. I just realized that I don't qualify because I have already read the book. I requested and checked it out of the public library.

Sylvia M.

Mom2three said...

I don't have your book, but would love to read it! There are so many National Parks that I'd love to take my family to that it's really hard to narrow it down, but the Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, and Great Basin would up there in my top 4.

Janet said...

I would probably choose Yellowstone. We were there shortly after the fire many years ago. I would love to see how the park has come back! I would also love to read your book!! Thanks!

vanessa lunsford said...

Ive never been to a National Park. So..I would have to say any of them. But I would love to read about one in your book.

Regina Merrick said...

Would you believe I live in Kentucky and have never been to Shiloh? That one is definitely on my list! I'm so looking forward to reading this book, whether or not I win a copy!


Annalisa Daughety said...

Wow! Y’all named some great parks! That’s one of the things I love about the variety of National Parks—there’s one for every interest.

Since there was such a great response to this post, I decided to give away four copies of Love is a Battlefield! Keep checking back in May--I'm planning on doing some more giveaways in conjunction with my upcoming release: Love is Monumental comes out May 1st!

Congratulations to Angie, Regina Merrick, Katlyn Mitchell and Michelle V! I'll contact each of you today for your mailing address and get your book in the mail this week!

prashant said...

love to go to Gettysburg or any over "war type" place!

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Kelly said...

I would love to go to Acadia, Great Smokies, Isle Royale (Michigan), and Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska. (I already have a book so please do not enter my name.)


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