Friday, March 6, 2009

Where's Lloyd Dobler when you need him?

Get ready for some rambling.

First of all, I just finished watching Say Anything for the millionth time this week. Love me some Lloyd Dobler. More about that later.

Tonight I found Ciao Bella gelato at Fresh Market. Am trying the hazelnut kind right now. (nocciola in Italian, just FYI) It's pretty good. Although the best gelato is one eaten while sitting on the steps of the Duomo in Florence, or at least standing on a bridge in Venice, I suppose it will have to do for the kind to be eaten in my kitchen in Memphis. At least I didn't have to get on a plane for it. (Incidentally, I think the main thing that will get me back on an airplane headed overseas is the potential for lots of gelato)

Can I just pause now to say that this has been a long, crazy week that has induced a good bit of left eye twitching, which is what happens to me when I get stressed? That's right. It seems that my eye now twitches when I'm really stressed out. Thankfully, you can't actually see it happening. But I can feel it. I met with my accountant the other day, and was sure he thought I was winking at him. But my friends at work promise me that they can't see it twitch. So here's hoping Mr. Accountant didn't think I was hitting on him. (although if it would cut down on my taxes...KIDDING)

Now, back to Lloyd. Or rather, the anti-Lloyd, who has turned out to be none other than single dad bachelor Jason Mesnick. I admit that I was sucked in to the show this season because Jason seemed like such a likable, nice guy. But slowly over the season, I began to have my doubts. When he let Jillian go, labeling her as "too much of a best friend" or some such nonsense, I knew he was just another dumb guy. (I mean, don't most people strive to fall in love with their best friend? Isn't that really a best-case scenario? But I digress.) So Jason chose Melissa. Proposed to her, even. And sent Molly with her "star-gazin' amazin'" eyes packing. (those were his words, not mine) But it seems that he wasn't through with ol' Mol. In fact, despite his engagement to Mel, he continued to have contact with the runner up. And finally broke up with Melissa. On National TV. Granted it was a reality show. But still. And 5 minutes later, rekindled with Molly, who for some Crazy (with a capital c) reason, took him back. And then they made out. On National TV.

So now, there is a new word floating around. "Mesnicked" Let me use it for you in a sentence.

"I thought things were going well, but then he totally Mesnicked me and told me he's found someone else."

See? Reality TV is good for something. Expanding our vocabulary.

Song of the day--In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel--straight off of the Say Anything soundtrack. (which I own, by the way, on cassette tape)

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