Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Well, here it is, my favorite holiday! That's right. Even higher on my list than Christmas is the 4th of July.

Not really sure why, but it has been since I was a little girl. Something about summer, I guess. Plus I've always liked patriotic holidays. Or maybe its because I was a bicentennial baby (1976).

Anyway, this has been a pretty good day. Just relaxing, grilling out, and working in the garden.

I'm gearing up for my final work trip to Alabama. Its rather bittersweet. I'm turning my healthcare programs over to someone else while I'm there, imparting upon them all of the information I can, and then I'll be officially done with Mobile. Sort of like a chapter in my life is closing. I can't believe its been almost a year since I left there. And also can't believe I've been accidentally in Arkansas for almost a year either! :)

So I'm job hunting right now, as my contract is coming to an end. My contract is officially up in mid-August, so I still have a little time left, but it is definitely time for me to move on.

I'm sort of stuck in a rut as far as writing goes. Not sure which direction to go in. I'm guessing the best thing I can do is just keep writing. Easier said than done! I'm so busy right now, putting the finishing touches on the Summer Scrubs program I'm coordinating. In a couple of weeks though, that should calm down. Then I hope to write like the wind before conference in September.

Okay, happy Fourth of July! The song of the day is, of course, entitled "Fourth of July" and is by Shooter Jennings.

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Jackie said...

Omigosh, Annalisa! You were born a year AFTER I graduated highschool!!! Now I REALLY feel old...

I enjoyed reading about glimpses into your daily life - I'm supposed to add blogging to my website too...How do you find time to write everyday?

Now that you're on my "favorites" list, I'll be able to keep up with your writing career. Don't forget about the book signing in Mobile!

If you get a chance sometime, check out my website:

Can't wait to see your name on the best seller list!



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