Sunday, February 24, 2008

And The Oscar Goes To...

Yes, it's time for the Academy Awards! I'm one of those award show junkies, so with the whole writer's strike, I was afraid the Oscars would go the way of the Golden Globe and be a press conference.

A girl needs a red carpet every now and then!

And speaking of red carpets, let me just say that I LOVE to see the dresses, shoes, and jewelry. So much that I'll actually endure the horrible interviews by the E network or TV Guide Network just so I can get a better view of the fashion. At least they've gotten rid of Joan Rivers. (I'm hoping Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna won't be as annoying, but I won't hold my breath!)

But what I don't understand is those stars who wear completely unflattering gowns. Many, many come to mind from years past. Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow chose a goth inspired look? Or when Uma Thurman wore some kind of crazy Swiss Miss outfit? And don't even get me started on Cher.

I guess I find it hard to believe that they really thought those outfits looked okay. So I'm interested in seeing who made bad choices tonight, and who actually had a little sense. (or at least a good stylist)

As for the awards themselves...there really isn't one I'm too excited about. I'm much more interested in the red carpet this year, although I would love to see Ruby Dee and Hal Holbrook win their categories. Hal Holbrook especially--I remember him as Reese Watson from Designing Women (my all time favorite show, which incidentally is now on TV Land!). And of course, I love Johnny Depp, so I guess I'm pulling for him too.

Speaking of awards and contests, the ACFW Genesis Contest entries are due next week. And I'm still on the fence about entering. I have 2 WIPs that are basically ready for entry, I just have to decide to do it. We'll see. I was a finalist last year. Really just getting the feedback from the judges makes it worth it. So I'm probably going to make my submission in at least one category soon.

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