Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It Seems Like Everyone's Got A Plan....

It's kind of like Nashville, with a Tan....

Okay, I know that was a little random. But it was one of my favorite songs (Lullaby by Shawn Mullins) back when I lived in Nashville, and I heard it on Monday while I was driving to Nashville, and now I'm sitting here in get the picture...

So I'm in my very favorite coffee shop in the whole wide world (and I have traveled all over the world, and have a love affair with coffee, so that is saying a lot!) trying to get some work done on my book.

The coffee shop is called Fido (it used to be a pet store...), and it's in Hillsboro Village in Nashville, near downtown. I used to live in Hillsboro Village and was a frequent (almost nightly) visitor to Fido. Hillsboro Village is the "cool, trendy, hip" area of Nashville, and when I lived here, I felt very cool, trendy, and hip. In fact, just sitting here ingesting a large Mocha, I think I may have recaptured some of the cool, trendy, hipness of my early-twenties. Back in the day when I was just out of college and still wearing rose colored glasses.

Now I'm plagued by the cynicism that comes with being single and in my early (very early, thank you very much) thirties. Or as my friend Katherine says, my "Twirties". Which means Thirties but haven't let go of the cool, trendy, hip Twenties. :)

I'm here in Nashville for a week, visiting college friends and remembering what a social life is. I've dropped out of life for the past 4 months, but this little trip has let me know that I'm back from the abyss and ready to live again.

Which if you know what all I've been through these past months, should have you cheering for me. And if you don't know, well maybe I've just added an air of mystery to myself that will make you want to keep reading my blog. Ha! That reminds me of a great quote from a movie that I saw not too long ago...."No one is as mysterious as they think they are...."

And now, I will get back to writing my book, as I wait for my friend who is meeting me for lunch....he's a musician. After all, I am in Nashville!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Belated Blog

So I actually wrote the following post a week ago and had "blogger" problems, so am just now posting it.....

I'm writing this from my hotel room in downtown Mobile. I'm here for a week of "on site" work. (as opposed to the weeks of "from home" work I've been doing for the past few months)

The 2 day event I've been planning for the past few months is this week, and thus far, everything is going well. Of course the event doesn't start until Thursday, and there will be many a fire to put out between now and then!

This event is such a cool thing. I will definitely post pictures later in the week. We will have a mock disaster staged in the parking lot of the Civic Center. (I have a towing company bringing 2 wrecked cars tomorrow and they will put them together as if they were just in a car crash) Both days, the Fire Truck and Ambulance will be on hand, just to add to the drama of the scene.

As the busloads of students get to the event, I will put them into groups and place them in a staging area where they will hear speakers from area hospitals while they wait their turn.

Then they will be taken one group at a time, first to an area where there is a tape player set up. There they will hear a 911 call. (I played the role of the 911 Dispatcher...) Once they've heard the mock call, they will go to the scene of the accident. (kind of gruesome, with a body lying on the concrete by the cars...he is portraying a drunk driver)

Then they will go with the EMTs and actually learn what they would do for the victims. (in this case, it will include CPR, intubating, and delivering a baby!) The students actually do this hands on, working on special mannequins. In exactly 10 minutes, a siren will sound and the students will take their "patients" into the ER. (every 10 minutes, a new group moves into the exhibit.)

In the ER, students will learn to start an IV and other things that would go on in there. From there, they go to radiology/lab, where they look at x-rays with a radiologist and check out the patient's labwork with a lab tech. From there, they go to surgery where they have to amputate a leg, among other things! Then they go to the patient's room, where the nurses will teach them to give a shot and listen to the baby's heartbeat. (the baby they delivered earlier at the accident scene) Then it's on to respiratory therapy for some breathing treatments for the asthmatic boy who was in the wreck, as well as a stop at the Pharmacy to learn how the Pharmacist plays a role in the treatment. After that, they go to Rehab, where they learn to do Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Exercise Physiology. Finally, they stop at the discharge nurse/case manager, to learn what the orders will be upon the patient's discharge from the hospital.

As you might've guessed, this event is meant to introduce students to various healthcare careers, but in a very cool and exciting way. The students who attend (I'm expecting 1000!) will be hands on through the whole process, from getting the "patients" out of the ambulance, all the way to discharging them.

This is my 4th year to plan and coordinate the event, and it is always a nervewracking time. Over the course of the 2 days, I will have around 300 volunteers, as well as 1000 students and around 75-100 counselors and teachers who will all be relying on me to make sure everything runs smoothly. It's a high pressure couple of days, especially working out the inevitable kinks on Thursday morning. My favorite part will be Friday afternoon, when things are running on their own and I will actually have a chance to go through all the exhibits and watch the event in action. But there is a long road ahead of me between now and then!

Beginning at 8am on Thursday, we will have a new school group every 10 minutes for several hours. Ditto on Friday. Between parking buses, making sure the food and drinks for volunteers are replenished, and directing the numerous volunteers to their spots, it is quite a hectic couple of days.

But still a great event! See below for a few pictures!

This was the mock car crash--we put a little plug in to tell kids "don't drink and drive" by making the cause of the crash driving while intoxicated. In our scenario, the drunk driver didn't make it.

Another view of the accident scene. You can see the fire truck in the back.

Ambulance on the scene--the kids got to pull the mock victims out of the ambulance just like in a real emergency.

This is just a shot of some of my artwork! I drew and painted pictures for each career represented, and the ambulance is one of my favorites!

More of my artwork! This was in the Emergency Room exhibit.

This is the "Surgery" exhibit. The kids got to amputate the "leg" of the victim. (also see a view of more of my artwork in the background!)

Nursing exhibit--students learning how to listen to the heartbeat of a newborn baby.

Nursing exhibit where there students learned to give shots.

Pharmacy Exhibit where the students learned what goes on in a Pharmacy.


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